The tapes listed below are of James Blue’s interviews with film directors, historians, critics, producers, and actors, and are part of the UO James Blue Archive. They were catalogued by Randy H. Jacobs in June 1981. The approximate running time is over 160 hours. The interviews were conducted by James Blue in English, French and Italian.


Gregory Shuker (1974, USA)

Albert and David Maysles (1964, USA)

Frances Flaherty (1964, USA)

Wolf Koenig (1964, Canada)

Tom C. Daly (1964, Canada)

Don Owen (1964, Canada)

Shirley Clarke (1964, USA)

Guy Cote (1964, Canada)

Gilles Groulx and B. Ulrich (1964, Canada)

Stan Jackson (1964, Canada)

George Stoney (1964, 1973, USA)

Richard Leacock (1964, USA)

Stanton Kaye (1964, USA)

Claude Jutra (1964, Canada)

Terence McCartney-Filgate (1965, 1968, Canada)

Jean Renoir (1965, USA)

Carroll Baker (1964-1965, USA)

Warren Beatty (1964-1965, USA)

Robert Bresson (1965, France)

Basil Wright (1965, UK)

Paul Rotha (1965, UK)

Thorold Dickinson (1965, UK)

Philip Donnelan (1965, UK)

Peter Watkins (interview conducted with Michael Gill) (1965, UK) Johan van der Keuken (1965, The Netherlands)

Jean Rouch (1965, France)

Edgar Morin (1965, France)

Louis Marcorelles (1965, France)

Jean Mitry (1965, France)

Bartheiemy Amenguel (1965, Algeria)

Jean-Luc Godard and Richard Grenier (1965, France)

William Klein (1965, France)

Jacques Rozier (1965, France)

Macha Meril (1965, France)

Johanne Harrelle (1965, France)

Anne Wiazemsky (1965, France)

Roger Fjierstrom (1965, France)

Francois LaFarge (1965, France)

Gianfranco DeBosio (1965, Italy)

Ermanno Olmi (1965, Italy)

Tullio Kezitch (1965, Italy)

Ugo Gregoretti (1965, Italy)

Francesco Rosi (1965, Italy)

Federico Fellini (1965, Italy)

Pier Paolo Pasolini (1965, Italy)

Cesare Zavattini (1965, Italy)

Bernardo Bertolucci (1965, Italy)

Vittorio DeSeta (1965, Italy)

Vittorio DeSica (1965, Italy)

Renato Castellani (1965, Italy)

Milos Forman (1965, Italy)

Ivan Passer with Milos Forman (1969, USA)

Satyajit Ray (1967, India)

Gerald Krell (1967, USA)

George Stevens, Sr. (1969, USA)

Susumu Hani (1969, Japan)

King Vidor (1969, USA)

Jan Nemec (ca. 1969, USA)

Roberto Rossellini (1970, USA)

Barry Gerson (1973, USA)


Videotapes (partial listing)

Roberto Rossellini (1970s, USA)

John Marshall (1973, USA)

Ralph Steiner (1973, USA)

George Stoney (1973, USA)

Willard Van Dyke (1973, USA)

Robert Gardner (1973, USA)

Leo Hurwitz (1973, USA)

David Hancock (1973, USA)

Frank Capra (1979, USA)

Source: Lynne Katherine Jackson, Tangled Up in James Blue: A Committed Filmmaker’s Journey Through Independent and Com­mercial Filmmaking, Propaganda, Documentary, Observational Cinema and Alternative Media, Doctoral Dissertation, Depart­ment of Cinema Studies, New York University, New York, 1992, pp. 659-660.

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